About Sertih

Short biography:

Sergey Tihonkov (SerTih) was born 1974 in Kharkov.

Since childhood he likes to draw, sculpt and photograph.

1995 – Industrial Art Institute named Vasilkovskogo, Kharkov (computer graphics).

1999 – Kharkov State Polyteghnical University (power engineer).

2000 – National University named Karazina, Kharkov (medical psyhologist).

Since 2001 SerTih live in Moscow.

Group Exhibitions:

07.09-07.11.2011 – The exhibition “Portrait of 19 million”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow

06.04-11.04.2012 – ХI International exhibition – competition of contemporary art “Art Week” gallery “Mars”, Moscow

Product-diploma triptych “Trinity.” This 4-meter canvas from 3 pictures with a single Crimean landscape, oil on canvas inspired music J.S. Bach Adagio.

04.06-22.06.2012 – Exhibition in the framework of the “session on the Moscow artists in the gallery A3”, Moscow

01.11-30.11.2012 – Exhibition at the “National Competition “Forest – Soul of Russia””, Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

26.11-02.12.2012 – International exhibition – competition of contemporary art “Art Week” gallery “Mars”, Moscow

Since 2012 – exhibition salons T. Baum, OT “Fireplace Room”, Moscow

Since 2013 – Exhibition Association “Palette”, EH House of Journalists, Moscow

Since 2013 – International exhibition-competition within the triennial naive art and outsider art, Museum of Naive Art, Moscow

Solo Exhibitions:

18.10-25.10.2012 – “Trinity”, gallery “Maestro”, Kharkov

30.04-26.05.2013г. – “Scarlet Sails Of Crimea” Feodosia Literary-Memorial Museum named A.S. Green

В 2014г. к 200-летию М.Ю. Лермонтова планируется выставка “Неизвестный Лермонтов”, в актовом зале дома-музея М.Ю. Лермонтова, г. Москва